Originally from Detroit, MI, Michael Gold began his career as an artist at the incredibly young age of three. Since the very beginning his mission in life was irrefutable. Doing work for some of the industries leading iconic celebrities such as: R. Kelly, Chris Brown, and the legendary Vanilla Ice, just to name a few. Mike Gold has single handedly chiseled a place in the art society as one of the most diverse, elite artists known today. Accomplished & proficient yet wonderfully humble, Mike Gold continues to share his passion and love of art with everyone he meets nationally.

As an accomplished profesional, the road that was paved for me was extremely complex. I understand what it means to struggle as an artist, and I know the fight and dedication. Therefore, I feel it is my duty, to make a difference! For the past several years I have been working on a television show that promotes the raw talent and struggle it takes to be an artist. In my opinion, the world must experience how important art is and see what it takes when you bare it all for something you love. There are also plans for hands-on educational facilities in the very near future. Knowledge is power; I believe it is my responsibility to empower the world with the essentials it takes to succeed or enhance those who may be just starting. In order to be the best, you have to work smarter, but if you want to be better than all the rest then you have to work hard at being the smartest. Some say only the strong survive, therefore I conclude it is my mission to become the vitamins & nutrients it takes to build some of the worlds strongest and talented minds.